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At a time when support for basic and translational science needs a strong voice and the burden of neurological disease is growing, the ANA is the champion of neurological research and the ally of all physicians and scientists who strive to make a difference through careers that combine discovery, education and clinical care.


As a member of the ANA, you will enjoy:

  • Discounts for the Annual Meeting, the premier conference for late-breaking research and accessible networking in academic neurology. The Annual Meeting convenes the nation's top academic neurologists and neuroscientists to share updates and research on a broad spectrum of neurologic specialties and diseases. ANA members receive discounts on registration and abstract submissions, as well as the opportunity to receive travel awards and poster prizes. 
  • Highly ranked professional journals. The ANA’s scientific journals, Annals of Neurology and the online Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology (ACTN) both consistently receive high-ranking impact factors. All members receive complimentary access to these journals, as well as discounted rates for submitting research to ACTN. In addition, ANA and Wiley continue to publish InterACTN— online patient cases to sharpen your clinical skills through expert feedback. 

  • OnDEC, the ANA’s On Demand Education Center. OnDEC allows you to earn AMA PRA Category I Credit(s)™ anywhere, from any device by giving you access to recordings from the ANA Annual Meeting, the Translational and Clinical Research course, and other ANA educational offerings. Discounts are available for members and by bundling this feature with Annual Meeting registration; ANA members receive the biennial Translational and Clinical Research course for free.

  • Career guidance. Career development programs at the Annual Meeting help neurologists at all career levels connect and excel. The Translational and Clinical Research Course, held at the Annual Meeting, offers selected research fellows, residents, and junior faculty strategies for developing effective research grant proposals and advancing in academic neurology. Recordings of the course are available to view at your convenience on the ANA's On Demand Education Center

  • Mentoring. MentorLink is the ANA’s online mentorship platform available only to members. MentorLink connects ANA members at different career stages with similar research interests to share ideas and professional advice.  

  • Scholarships. The International Outreach Scholarship funds two neurologists in training each year to pursue their interests in global neurology by working in a low to lower-middle income country for a minimum of six weeks.

  • Awards. Members are eligible for ANA awards recognizing outstanding work in academic neurology, including the Derek Denny-Brown Young Neurological Scholar Award, the Distinguished Neurology Teacher Award, The Grass Foundation - ANA Award in Neuroscience, and the Raymond D. Adams Lectureship

  • The ANA Memory Bank. Launched in 2017, the online archive of the ANA houses thousands of historical documents and images related to the dynamic history of academic neurology and neuroscience. Available free to members, the Memory Bank offers a window into the individuals and moments that shaped the history of the ANA and influenced science, ranging from minutes of early ANA meetings to images of renowned neurologists at work. 

  • ANA Communications. Members receive a monthly newsletter that features messages from the ANA president, research highlights from ANA’s peer-reviewed journals, and the latest ANA news and opportunities. The ANA’s social media channels keep followers up to date on the latest news in neurology and of the ANA.

  • The ANA Career Center makes it simple to find open positions in academic neurology at prominent institutions across the country. With dozens of job postings ranging from entry level to department chair, the ANA Career Center will help you advance in the field.

…And much more! 

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Categories of Membership

The ANA welcomes members at every career level and offers benefits tailored to your needs.


Fellow ($425/year)
Upon promotion to associate professor, full professor or Chair of an ACGME-accredited or Canadian equivalent Neurology Department, one is eligible to become a Fellow of the American Neurological Association.  A physician scientist or neuroscientist devoted to advancing the goals of academic neurology with an appointment as an Associate Professor, Full Professor or Chair of an ACGME- accredited or Canadian equivalent Neurology Department in the United States or Canada is eligible. 

Member ($170/year)
An individual appointed to their first faculty position in an ACGME-accredited or Canadian equivalent Neurology Department in the United States or Canada is eligible to be a Member of the Association. A physician scientist or neuroscientist devoted to advancing the goals of academic neurology with an appointment with a faculty position as an Instructor or Assistant Professor in an ACGME- accredited or Canadian equivalent Neurology Department in the United States or Canada is eligible.

Associate ($50/year)
Open to an MD, PhD, MD/PhD degree holder in an organized training program at an ACGME-accredited neurology or neuroscience-related department. Proof of enrollment in an organized training program or lab supervisor confirmation required each year.

Student ($30/year)
Open to MD, PhD, MD/PhD or undergraduate students.  Proof of student status required each year.

Senior Fellows ($100/year)
Senior Fellows are those Fellows who have attained the age of 70, are no longer active in the field of neurology, and who have requested a change in membership status. 


Corresponding Fellows ($340/year; $215/year for developing countries)
Corresponding Fellows are those who reside outside the United States or Canada and who have received their first promotion at a recognized institution and have published at least 10 scientific papers in national or international journals. Those who reside in a country designated by the World Bank as low and lower-middle income pay discounted dues.

Corresponding Members ($170/year)
Corresponding Members are those who reside outside the United States or Canada and who have attained a full-time faculty position at a recognized institution.


Government and Nonprofit Special Advisory Members ($425/year for nonprofit; no fee for government)
Government and nonprofit Special Advisory Membership pertains to the holder of the relevant governmental or nonprofit advocacy group position through the duration of the ANA appointment, and not to the specific individual. At the discretion of the Executive Committee, the ANA may request that an employee or employees of the governmental or nonprofit advocacy group be appointed by the Director of the relevant governmental or nonprofit advocacy group office to serve on one or more ANA committees in the capacity of Special Advisory Member of the ANA. The appropriate position and term of appointment for each Special Advisory Member will be agreed upon by the Executive Committee of the ANA and the Director of the relevant governmental or nonprofit office before the specific appointment is made.

Industry Liaisons ($425/year)
Industry Liaisons are those professionals with significant interest in neuroscience and the ability to assist in the understanding and treatment of neurological disorders. Industry Liaisons must be an MD, PhD, or DO who is neuroscience oriented (neurologists preferred) and is actively working at a recognized company. The Industry Liaison membership will be in effect for as long as the professional is employed at the company for which they applied or moves to another recognized company. 

Honorary Fellows (No membership fee)
Honorary Fellows are those individuals who by reason of professional and scientific qualifications, are deemed worthy of such election to membership of the Association.

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