Educational Program Sponsorship Opportunities

At a time when the burden of neurological disease is growing, the ANA is the champion of neurological research and the ally of all physicians and scientists who strive to make a difference through careers that combine discovery, education and clinical care. The ANA offers many opportunities for organizations wishing to increase awareness within the academic neurology community. 

Virtual Education & Programs Sponsorship

ANA Spotlights - Present a Virtual Product Theater!

A virtual product theater is a recorded presentation offered to the ANA members through the ANA’s exclusive online education platform, OnDEC. As part of this package, sponsors receive:

  • Production support for a virtual recording of a presentation
  • Hosting of the video on the OnDEC platform
  • Branding opportunities within the video
  • Marketing and promotion of the video via the ANA social media profiles and email newsletters

$2500/ 30-minute session (recording hosted for one year following)

ANA Highlights - Create an enduring educational program!

Each month, the ANA’s members produce short learning modules on just in time or evolving topics. These 10-15 minute audio and slide presentations are focused on very specific learning objectives and provide concrete actionable advice to ANA members working in that disease area. Sponsors may choose the topical area of interest. In adherence with ACCME requirements, sponsors will receive credit for sponsoring the module on the page as well as mention during the opening slide of the presentation. $1500/module

ANA Investigates - Podcast with us!

The content of this podcast series is selected by the volunteer members of the ANA Education Innovation Subcommittee. The subcommittee is informed by the results of the annual educational needs assessment, as well as by sharing their own expertise in their respective fields. Episodes are released monthly and span topics from diagnosing central nervous system infection to the use of cannabinoids in neurology. The episodes award AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM for eligible physicians. ANA Investigates averages 300-500 listeners per episode and continues to grow with each new episode release. Sponsors may choose the topical area of interest. In adherence with ACCME requirements, sponsors will receive credit for sponsoring the episode on the page as well as mention during the opening credits of the show. $2000/ episode. Exclusive sponsorship of an episode is available for $5000/episode.

Virtual Focus Group - Gain insights from ANA members!

The ANA members represent the top minds in neurological research. When it becomes important to gain insights and feedback from experts, the ANA can help organize and facilitate a virtual focus group. Sponsoring organizations receive:

  • Access to specialty focused experts
  • A virtual meeting organized and facilitated by the ANA staff
  • Transcript and recording of the focus group session

Contact Jen Hurley for options and pricing.

CME Accreditation Partnerships

The ANA can partner with your non-accredited organization to provide eligible educational activities in neurology and neuroscience. We are an ACCME-accredited CME provider and will ensure that the content, quality, and scientific integrity of the CME activity are compliant with currently adopted standards for continuing medical education.

Our CME services include:

  • Verify the needs assessment
  • Approve the activity content, objectives, and proposed faculty in consultation with your organization
  • Oversee development of brochures and promotional materials
  • Provide a formal evaluation for attendees post-activity
  • Award appropriate CME credits/certificates
  • Maintain necessary records

Contact Jen Hurley for more information and pricing.

Advancing Social Justice Program Sponsorship

Advancing Social Justice Program Sponsorship

Racial minorities, LGBTQ people, and women are underrepresented in medicine and those in the field may experience biases that prevent them from achieving at the top of their field. The ANA offers a unique opportunity to sponsors to help advance diversity and equity in research through an array of options:

  • Scholarships: Sponsoring organizations can sponsor membership for academic neurology and neuroscience professionals who meet the criteria in a selected underrepresented category. 
  • Video Blog: Each month, the ANA will interview a member of an underrepresented group, highlighting their perspectives and challenges they have encountered. The videos will be featured on the ANA’s social media profiles and hosted on the website. Sponsoring organizations may choose the field of study or topics of interest and will receive branding opportunities during the opening and closing of the video. 

Contact Jen Hurley at the ANA for details. 

Annual Meeting

Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the ANA Annual Meeting? Contact Jennifer Summers for details.