ANA Institutional Group Membership Program


Membership Discount Options:
  • 5 - 10 members in a group: 5% discount

  • 11 - 25 members in a group: 10% discount

  • 26 - 49 members in a group: 15% discount

  • 50 - 99 members in a group: 20% discount

  • 100+ members in a group: 25% discount

Note: This discount does not apply to members who pay their dues and subsequently are reimbursed by the institution. It applies only to those members for whom the institution and/or department is paying directly for their ANA membership dues.

Submission Process: 

Step 1: Complete the "Submitter Information" section of this form.

Step 2: Download the ANA Institutional Group Membership Spreadsheet by clicking on the text.  The spreadsheet will allow you to list the members for which the institute is paying and will calculate the total amount owed with the bulk pricing discount. 

Note: After you have opened and downloaded the spreadsheet, please be sure to select the tab in the spreadsheet corresponding to the number of members to which the institution is paying. 

Step 3: Email the completed form to Membership Coordinator, Janki Amin at  The ANA Membership Coordinator will confirm receipt of the completed spreadsheet and will receive an email with the invoice for your remittance.

Note: If paying for an individual who is not yet an ANA  member, please indicate in the appropriate column on the spreadsheet. The individual will need to join the ANA by logging onto and submitting an application.
Submitter Information
Department Chair, Accounting, etc.