Audrey S. Penn Lectureship Award

The Audrey S. Penn Lectureship Award is provided to an ANA member who conducts outstanding research, program-building, or educational scholarship to promote health equity. The award is intended to recognize an ANA member whose novel and significant work has had or may have a far-reaching impact on:
1) improving equity in the prevention, detection, treatment, survivorship of neurological conditions
2) building clinical programs to care for historically medically underserved populations, and/or:
3) commitment to diversity and inclusion in the medical workforce. The recipient is determined by the ANA IDEAS Committee
Awardees are required to submit an abstract for presentation during the ANA Annual Meeting.

About Audrey S. Penn, MD, FANA

Audrey Shields Penn (born in 1934) is an American neurologist and emeritus professor. Her major area of research was in myasthenia gravis. Penn was elected President of the American Neurological Association in 1994. She was deputy director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) and is the first Black woman to serve as an (acting) director of an Institute of the National Institutes of Health.   

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Eligible Candidates:

  • Current membership in the ANA
  • Actively working in the field of academic neurology or neuroscience
  • Agree to present at the ANA Annual Meeting
  • Candidates who have submitted unsuccessfully in the past may reapply. Self-nominations are encouraged. 


  • $2,000 Honorarium
  • Gratis Annual Meeting Registration
  • Up to $2,000 Travel and Lodging Reimbursement
  • Commemorative plaque

Application Requirements:

  1. Nominee’s CV
  2. NIH Biosketch (if available but does not substitute for the CV) 
  3. Statement that discusses why the candidate should be selected for the lectureship.
    • This is an opportunity to showcase important work that may not be readily apparent from the CV.
    • Maximum of 500 words
  4. Proposed abstract for the lectureship given during the ANA Annual Meeting
    • Maximum 250 words 

2023 Recipient


Roy Hamilton, MD, MS

2022 Recipient


Bruce Ovbiagele, MD, MSc, MAS, MBA, MLS

2021 Recipients


Charlene Gamaldo, MD, FAAN, FANA 

nicte mejia

Nicte Mejia, MD, MPH, FAAN