International Outreach Travel Scholarship

The ANA established this scholarship program in recognition of the shared goal among neurologists worldwide to reduce the burden of neurological disease through research, education, clinical care, and advocacy. The scholarship enables two recipients who are residents; fellows; or junior faculty, are members of the ANA and are training in neurology or neuroscience, the opportunity to work in low to lower-middle-income countries for a minimum of six weeks in the upcoming academic year. Candidates must apply and meet specific criteria to be considered. 


Eligible Candidates  

Eligible candidates include ANA Members who are neurology residents, fellows or junior faculty and are within the first three years from the start date of their first faculty appointment at the time of application. Candidates must provide:
  • A named mentor in the applicant's location of training who is an ANA member with at least Assistant Professor level appointment
  • A letter of support from a host institution in a low or middle-income country
  • A letter from the Chair of Residency Director confirming availability to attend the Annual Meeting in the year the following travel to present a poster and/or data blitz
  • A proposal which includes: 
    • Educational opportunity for the candidate
    • Benefit for the neurological care of patients at the receiving institution
    • Educational opportunity for trainees of the receiving institution
    • Collaborative research opportunity between the US and receiving institution


Eligible candidates agree to or confirm the following: 
  • Be a current member in good standing in the ANA.
  • Be in good standing with their respective training/employment programs.
  • Complete basic and advanced security in the field training through the United Nations (available online).
  • Agree to have their summary, names and project title listed on the ANA website.
  • Agree to submit a formal report to the ANA IOC Committee and Executive committee with 90 days of return.
  • Agree to work in the host country for a minimum of six (6) weeks, traveling within the academic year following the award, unless there are special circumstances that are approved by the committee.
  • Agree to submit an abstract to the ANA in the Global Neurology category at the next Annual Meeting following their travel.
  • Agree that anything above the maximum scholarship amount of $5,000 is the responsibility of the recipient
  • Submit an estimated of budget if selected

The application window generally opens in the last quarter of the year.  


2017 Recipients

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE - Rush University
Pending Project: ZEPHyR: Zambian Epidemiology of Parkinson’s disease and Healthcare Registry
Location: Zambia, East Africa
Rajarshi Mazumder, MD, MPH - University of California, Los Angeles
Completed Project: Nodding Syndrome and the Practice of Neurology in Northern Uganda

Location: Uganda, East Africa


2018 Recipients                                                                                                            

Melissa A. Elafros, MD, PhD - Johns Hopkins University
Completed Project: The Impact of LP Completion on Medical Decision Making, Patient Outcomes, and the Cost of Care
Location: Zambia, East Africa
Cleopatra Mwansa-Thurman, DO - Michigan State University                                           
Completed Project: Improving Neuromuscular Disease Clinical Care and Research in Zambia
Location: Zambia, East Africa
Allison P. Navis, MD - Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai                                            
Completed Project: Diagnosing Central Nervous System Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (CNS IRIS) in Resource Limited Settings

Location: Zambia, East Africa


2019 Recipients                                                                                                                      

Alexa King, MD - Northwestern University
Pending Project: Assessing and Targeting Education about Women's Health in Epilepsy
Location: Zambia, East Africa
Leslie Hayes, MD - Boston Children's Hospital
Pending Project: Evaluating patients with acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) in an ongoing study of how to better diagnose and manage.

Location: Rwanda, East Africa


2020 Recipients*

Jennifer Adrissi, MD - University of California, Los Angeles
Pending Project: Understanding the Impact of Parkinson’s Disease in Zambia: An Assessment of Patient and Caregiver Needs
Location: Zambia, East Africa 

* Due to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, only one recipient for the travel scholarship was selected in 2020, and the Grant to Activate Global Engagement (GAGE) award was created. This grant was awarded to three organizations from low to lower-middle income countries to assist in participating in the ANA2020 Virtual Annual Meeting. 

Grant to Accelerate Global Engagement (GAGE) recipient organizations 

  • Neurological Society of Kenya Aga Khan University, Kenya
  • Neurology Faculty Resident Group of Institute of Medicine, Nepal
  • University of Zambia Post-Graduate Neurology Training Program, Zambia


2021 Recipients

Due to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, no travel scholarships were awarded in 2021, and the Grant to Activate Global Engagement (GAGE) award was awarded again. This grant was awarded to three organizations from low to lower-middle income countries to assist in participating in the ANA2021 Virtual Annual Meeting. 

Grant to Accelerate Global Engagement (GAGE) recipient organizations 

  • Association of Future African Neurosurgeons
  • Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda
  • Neurologists from Muhimbili and Bugando, Tanzania


2022 Recipient

Juliana Coleman, MD - University of Alabama at Birmingham
Completed Project: The Effects of a Hypothesis Driven Exam on Neurologic Education in Resource Limited Setting

Location: Cameroon, Central Africa