Soriano Lectureship

The first Soriano lecture was established in 1987, which marked the 40th year of consecutive attendance at ANA meetings by the Soriano family. The Soriano's chose to sponsor a lectureship to be given at the ANA, so that in future years they "will always be linked to all of you, through a brilliant lecture delivered by an outstanding scientist...." 

The Soriano Lectureship is given to a member of the ANA who is a prominent speaker. The Annual Meeting Programming (AMP) Committee selects the recipient. There is no call for nomination. The awardee receives a $1,000 honorarium and a commemorative plaque

When asked in 1989 why they chose to sponsor a lectureship, the Soriano's wrote:

"When we first went to the United States in 1945, to stay as a Rockefeller Fellow, first at the Yale University with Professor John F. Fulton and afterward at the Montefiore Hospital, Columbia University with Professor H. Houston Merritt, we enjoyed the most cordial and warm welcome everywhere, establishing lasting bonds of friendship with outstanding promising young doctors, who are now senior members of the American Neurological Association and prestigious professors.

Thus, when I became a member of the American Neurological Association several decades ago, I returned since 1948 every year with the double pleasure to enjoy a very high level of a scientific meeting and to see dear old friends. Little by little, we have regarded the ANA as a big family, to which we were united by warm affection. Sponsoring a lectureship to be given at the ANA Annual Meeting, we are very happy to think that in future years the Soriano's will always be linked to all of you, through a brilliant lecture delivered by an outstanding scientist . . . "

Award recipient will receive the following:

  • A commemorative plaque
  • Honorarium: $1,000 
  • Travel reimbursement up to $1,000

2023 Recipient: Peter Todd, MD, PhD

Past Awardees

  • 2022: Argye Hillis, MD, MA
  • 2021: Avindra Nath, MD
  • 2020: Sonja Scholz
  • 2019: Louise McCullough
  • 2018: Dimitri Krainc
  • 2017: Gretchen Birbeck
  • 2016: S. Claiborne Johnston
  • 2015: Jeffrey Saver
  • 2014: Stephen G. Waxman
  • 2013: Howard L. Weiner
  • 2012: Alastair Compston
  • 2011: Tallie Z. Baram
  • 2010: Mathias Jucker
  • 2009: John C. Morris
  • 2007: Marc A. Dichter
  • 2006: David M. Holtzman
  • 2005: Roger P. Simon
  • 2004: Robert C. Griggs
  • 2003: Michael A. Moskowitz
  • 2002: Marcus E. Raichle
  • 2001: Gerald Fischbach
  • 2000: Antonio R. Damasio
  • 1999: Anne B. Young
  • 1998: Huda Zoghbi
  • 1997: John W. Griffin
  • 1996: Henry F. McFarland
  • 1995: Jerome B. Posner
  • 1994: Salvatore DiMauro
  • 1993: John M. Newsome-Davis
  • 1992: Martha Denckla
  • 1991: Lewis P. Rowland
  • 1990: Donald Price
  • 1989: Albert Aguayo
  • 1988: Stanley Fahn
  • 1987: Darrell D. Bigner