2024 ANA Awards for Excellence Nomination Form

Award Nominations Deadline: April 29, 2024 11:59 PDT


As the ANA evolves to better recognize the broad scope of academic neurology, our awards continue to evolve in parallel. In that spirit, the ANA offers series of awards to recognize individuals who have made exceptional and important contributions to the field of neurology and neuroscience. Up to three individuals will be recognized with the ANA Awards for Excellence for having excelled in any of the following four categories:

Category One: Clinical and Scientific Excellence in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Novel scientific - Contributions that reshape the field’s conceptual understanding of specific neurological syndromes or diseases.
  2. Therapeutics - Novel or sustained contributions to the development of new therapeutics for neurological diseases.  These might come in the form of:
    • Identification and development of a new and novel agent or class of agents for a specific neurological disease syndrome or a category of diseases that affect the nervous system.
    • The development and implementation of novel clinical trial strategies or platforms that speed or otherwise improve the development of therapeutics in a disease area or across multiple disease areas.
    • A sustained record of leadership of clinical trials that together have produced new and important therapies for patients with neurological conditions.
  3. Diagnostics - A major contribution that transforms or expands diagnostic tools in neurology, including but not limited to the development of new technologies, data science tools, computational approaches, or application of existing tools to a novel class of diagnostic challenges.

Not limited to ANA Members

Category 2: Education: The nominee has made a sustained and transformative impact on neurological education that has been widely adopted outside the candidate’s home institution and has reshaped neurological training nationally or internationally.

Not limited to ANA members

Category 3: Service:  The nominee is an ANA member in good standing who has made high impact contributions to the ANA in the form of service as an officer, board member, committee chair, task force leader, or in some other administrative role that results in substantial, meaningful, and measurable positive change in the ANA’s ability to serve its membership and the field.

Must be an ANA member

Category 4: Contribution in a Senior Administrative Role:  Outstanding enumerable contributions to the field of neurology and neuroscience in the form of senior administrative roles over a sustained period in government (e.g., NIH, FDA, CDC, HHS), industry, scientific societies (e.g., SFN, AAN, CNS, International Societies) or academic institutions.

Not limited to ANA members



  • $1,000 Honorarium
  • Gratis Annual Meeting Registration
  • A Commemorative Plaque

Application Requirements:

  1. Nominee Statement - Nominee statement describing the contribution for which an award is proposed. The list of potential contributions above is broad, but additional important contributions of similar weight will be considered. The statement should not exceed two (2) double spaced pages.
  2. Nominee CV - The nominee’s CV should be highlighted to indicate specific activities, grants, publications, talks, or other forms of recognition that demonstrate the nature and impact of the contribution for which she/he is being nominated.
  3. Two (2) Letters
    • Nomination letter
    • Seconding Letter, preferably from an individual outside the nominee's institution
      • Letters from the nominator and the seconder should focus on detailing the area of contribution for which the nominee is being proposed.
      • Letters should specifically indicate whether the award is proposed for career-based contributions over a prolonged period, typically (>15 -20 years) or discrete contributions over a limited period, (typically <15 years).
      • Letters should not exceed two (2) pages.

Candidates who have submitted unsuccessfully in the past may reapply. Self-nominations are encouraged.

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Provide in detail the area of contribution for which the nominee is proposed. Do not exceed two (2) pages.
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Provide in detail the area of contribution for which the nominee is being proposed. Do not exceed two (2) pages.
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