ANA Investigates The Neurovasculome


The brain and its vasculature used to be considered separate domains. But in the last decade, we’ve learned more about the interplay between brain cells and vascular cells. Pathological studies are revealing a surprising degree of overlap between cerebrovascular disease and neurodegenerative disease. All of this has led to the coining of a new word: the neurovasculome. Our guest today is Dr. Eric Smith, an author of a recent scientific statement about the neurovasculome in the journal Stroke. Dr. Smith is a Professor of Neurology, Radiology, and Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary, and the holder of the endowed Kathy Taylor Chair in Vascular Dementia. He was interviewed about the neurovasculome by Dr. Christoph Stretz, a Vascular and Critical Care neurologist at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Series 5, Episode 1

Guest: Dr. Eric Smith, University of Calgary
Interviewer/Producer: Dr. Christoph Stretz, Brown University


Disclosures: Dr. Smith disclosed that he receives personal consulting fees from Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly