ANA Investigates the Brain and CPR: Paths to Recovery


Football audiences were shaken on January 2nd when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest after a tackle during a Monday Night Football game. He was resuscitated on the field and then transferred to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in critical condition. Thus began a waiting period, all too familiar to neurologists, while the world wondered to what extent Mr. Hamlin’s brain would recover. But remarkably, just 4 days later, Mr. Hamlin was able to communicate in writing. He was extubated the following day and discharged home on January 11th. Our guest on today’s podcast, ANA Vice President and Johns Hopkins University neurointensivist Dr. Romer Geocadin, says that Mr. Hamlin’s story should inspire hope... not only for families of survivors of cardiac arrest but also for researchers and physicians. Romer was interviewed by ANA Education Innovation committee Chair and UCSF Neurohospitalist Dr. Megan Richie for this special episode of ANA Investigates.... on cardiac arrest and paths to recovery. Series 4, Episode 3.

Interviewer/Producer: Dr. Megan Richie, UCSF
Guest: Dr. Romer Geocadin, Johns Hopkins