ANA Highlights Statistical Snapshots

  • Are you looking for a digestible way to learn next-level statistical concepts? 
  • Have you forgotten critical Epidemiology terms from Medical School?
  • Are you an academic neuroscientist who is trying to understand the best techniques to apply to your research?

The ANA Highlight's Statistical Snapshots series is an excellent way to meet your goals. In this series of seven modules, ranging from 10-22 minutes, you will find a high-yield overview of critical statistical concepts that go beyond interpretation of p-values to provide a foundation by which to conduct research, regardless of level or training.

Did you enjoy this series? Is there an area in which you would like to dig deeper? Email the ANA at and let us know what you thought!

This program is comprised of the following bite-size videos. 

  • Sensitivity & Specificity (~12 minutes)
  • Essential Study Design and Statistical Concepts for the Clinician Scientist (~22 minutes)
  • Adaptive Designs (~18 minutes)
  • Biases, Confounders, and Mediators (~17 minutes)
  • Linear Regression (~10 minutes)
  • The Odds Ratio (~18 minutes)
  • Clinical Trial Design: The Statistician's Perspective (~20 minutes) 
Interviewer/Producer: Rohit Das, MD, MPH, UT Southwestern
Interviewer/Producer: Michelle C. Johansen, MD, PhD , Johns Hopkins University