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Measuring the Long-Term Cognitive Consequences of Concussion

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ANA Spotlights CBS Health - Measuring the Long-Term Cognitive Consequences of Concussion

A concussion has immediate and obvious effects on cognition, but the long-term consequences are not as well understood. In this webinar, we will explain how we used results from a large-scale web-based public study to examine the specific cognitive deficits associated with a history of concussion. With data from the general public guiding hypotheses, we attempted to replicate the results in another group known for a history of head injury: American football players. This webinar will not only review the implications of this study for our understanding of concussion, but demonstrate the power of merging web-based cognitive testing with traditional in-person studies, and explain what new technologies mean for quickly illuminating how a variety of factors—from sleep to COVID-19—can affect the human brain. Finally, we will discuss the advantages of using a powerful web-based cognitive assessment platform like CBS Health, both for researchers and healthcare providers.

Speaker: Mike Battista, PhD

Mike Battista is a scientist at Cambridge Brain Sciences. His research and science communication focus on brain health, cognition, and neuropsychological testing. He received his PhD in personality and measurement psychology at Western University in 2010, and has been making things happen at the intersection of science and technology ever since.

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