Honorary Membership and Awards Committee

The Honorary Membership and Awards Committee was created by the board to oversee matters related to recommendations for Honorary memberships and overseeing the ANA awards process from a strategic position, defining new awards, and choosing the recipients of Derek Denny-Brown, Grass Foundation, Wolfe Research Price and Distinguished Teacher award and the and the Wolfe Research Prize for Identifying New Causes or Novel Treatment of Neuropathy.

Honorary Fellows are those individuals who because of professional and scientific qualifications, are deemed worthy of such election to Honorary membership status.  Candidates for Honorary Membership are submitted to the Honorary Membership and Awards Committee via the Honorary Membership Nomination form for review and elevated at the discretion of the Board of Directors. 

 Criteria for consideration as a candidate: 

  • Candidate must be an ANA member in good standing
  • The submitter must be an ANA member in good standing
  • Two unique letters of recommendation must be submitted. One from the individual submitting the nomination and one additional letter. 
    • Letters should discuss why the candidate should be considered for this honor, including accomplishments and contributions to the field and to the ANA
  • Include the candidate's CV



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