Women of the ANA 2015 Annual Meeting Luncheon

American Neurological Association

History of Women of the ANA Luncheon

Fifteen years ago, the ANA did not have many women members so Kathleen Digre, MD and Linda Wilkerson Sher (ANA) organized the first Women of the ANA meeting as a breakfast for the women to meet and connect with each other. About 10 women attended the first breakfast.  

After a few years of sharing books and movies, it was decided something more substantial would be beneficial and prominent women neurologists such as Maria Savoia and Story Landis were invited to speak. The breakfast steadily grew in size and in 2011 the first lunch meeting (Topic: Difficult Conversations) was held. The new meeting time and topics drew more women and even some men.

The Women of the ANA Luncheon continues to promote women in academic neurology. The 2015 Women of the ANA Luncheon focused on Work-Life Balance and featured a panel of women in various stages of their careers, including moderator, Cynthia Comella, MD, FANA; and panelists, Kathleen Shannon, MD, Deborah Hall, MD and Zoe Arvanitakis, MD, FANA.  

View the 2015 Women of the ANA Luncheon Notes for a full list of suggestions, reading list, etc.

For more information about the Women of the ANA Luncheon, email info@myana.org.



Women of the ANA Luncheon ANA2015 photo