Congress to Vote on FY2020 Funding Agreement

The House of Representatives will be voting this afternoon on legislation to prevent a shutdown of the federal government and there is some good news in there for American Brain Coalition members.  Among the key provisions in the bill are the following:

An overall increase for the National Institutes of Health of $2.6 billion (6.65%) to a total of $41.7 billion. Within that increase are the following:

  • A $350 million increase for Alzheimer’s research to a total of $2.8 billion;
  • $500 million for the BRAIN Initiative, a $71 million increase;
  • $500 million for the All of Us precision medicine initiative, up $161 million;
  • A total of more than $800 million for opioid addiction research, alternative pain management research, and treatment;
  • $578 million for Clinical and Translational Science Awards, up more than $18 million;

In addition, the bill includes $3.9 billion for mental health programs, which represents an increase of $328 million.

The vote is expected in the House by early to mid-afternoon and in the Senate by Thursday or Friday.  The White House has indicated the President will sign the bill.