ANA Urges End to Immigration Ban

As the country’s professional society of academic neurologists and neuroscientists dedicated to advancing the goals of academic neurology, the American Neurological Association is devoted to attracting the world’s best talent to the challenge of expanding our understanding of diseases of the nervous system and how to treat them.

We are therefore deeply concerned about the current administration’s executive order suspending visas to nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries and fervently support the statement issued by the Association of American Universities (AAU). We believe this policy will disrupt promising careers, impede research progress, and weaken the United States as a destination for scientific enterprise and collaboration. Our nation depends on collaboration of the greatest minds from around the world to maintain the high quality of our scientific research, regardless of their country of origin. The ANA is proud to be represented in 45 countries, including members in several Muslim-majority countries. 

We call for the administration to immediately rescind the order and develop alternate strategies to protect national security that will not negatively affect the international community of scholars and scientists working to bring about solutions that benefit our common humanity.   

If you would personally like to be involved in sharing your concerns about this policy with the current administration we strongly encourage you to send a letter to your local representatives. Contact information for your local representatives can be found on the American Brain Coalition website

American Neurological Association Board of Directors