ANA Announces a new Journal-related Benefit for Fellow Members!

Beginning October 3, 2022, ANA Fellows will be guaranteed an external review of one manuscript per year submitted to Annals of Neurology!

If you are the first, senior or corresponding author on a manuscript submitted to Annals of Neurology you will be asked whether you would like the submitted paper to receive a guaranteed review. Currently, Annals rejects 60% of submitted manuscripts without formal review, so this represents a significant Fellow benefit and opportunity. Annals accepts less than 15% of manuscripts received, and while this opportunity does not guarantee acceptance, we hope the feedback will help authors improve their manuscript even if it is ultimately not accepted by Annals.

Please note the following:

  • One paper per year for external review
  • You must be first, last, or corresponding author
  • Your dues must be paid in full for the year
  • Acceptance is not guaranteed
  • Your paper may be recommended for transfer to our sister journal Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology (ACTN)
  • Nearly 99% of manuscripts complete the process from submission to final decision in < 60 days and the median review time for papers that undergo review is less than two weeks

We encourage you to submit your most novel work to Annals of Neurology and to take advantage of this new Fellow member benefit. Learn more about becoming an ANA Fellow.