Be a mentor. Find a mentor. 

Looking to infuse your career or department with fresh thinking? Try MentorLink.

ANA’s new MentorLink tool is helping shape the new culture of academic neurology—a culture that welcomes medical students, trainees and early career professionals of all backgrounds and prepares them to become the future leaders of academic neurology and neuroscience.

Based on a brief application, ANA’s algorithm matches senior professionals with a mentee who shares his or her research interests, professional track, and area of sub-specialty. Mentors are also available to students seeking general guidance in academic neurology. ANA Mentors engage with their mentees two or more times a year to answer questions and provide advice on building an academic career, obtaining grant assistance, getting published, starting a lab, and more. Meetings can be via telephone, Skype, or in-person.

Joining MentorLink takes only a few minutes:

  1. If you are not already logged in to the ANA website, Log in with your ANA user name and password. Not an ANA member? Join today*.
  2. From the ANA website Dashboard, click “Become a Mentor” or “Find a Mentor.”  Complete a brief profile and click "Save."  

Once you complete your profile and click "Save" you will be presented with a list of Mentors who match your criteria. Choose from the list and they will be notified of your interest. 

Once you complete your profile and click "Save" your information will be used to match with Mentee requests. If you are chosen by a Mentee you will be notified via email and asked to contact the Mentee to start the mentoring relationship. If you are not able to be the Mentor, you can indicate this and the Mentee will be asked to select another Mentor. 

*Remember, only ANA members can be part of MentorLink, so be sure your membership is current before applying. Questions? Call the ANA at 856-380-6892.

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Altaf Saadi, MD, Fellow in the National Clinician Scholars Program (ANA mentee, above right): “Finding the right mentor involves a combination of common interests but also finding someone that really has your best interest in mind. She was always asking what I was interested in and what would fit in terms of my interests.”

Farrah Mateen, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School (ANA mentor, above left): “There’s a lot of benefits to being a mentor as well. I was very lucky to find [Altaf] as a mentee. She brings a lot of knowledge, a lot of personal and professional background into the topic that I am invested in. And she breathes a lot of life into the work.”