ANA Committee Code of Conduct Agreement

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As a condition for participation on an American Neurological Association (ANA) committee, subcommittee, task force or workgroup, the ANA Board of Directors requests that each member annually reviews and electronically signs the document below. Members who are unable to adhere to the code of conduct agreement are asked to contact ANA executive director Nadine Goldberg at to formally recuse themselves from the committee.

Any member of a committee of the American Neurological Association shall:

1. Become familiar with and committed to the responsibilities of the committee which one is serving, and adhere to the principles of fairness, honesty, and utmost good faith in all committee business and interactions.

2. Devote time to learning how the ANA functions—its uniqueness, strengths, and needs - particularly with regard to the charter of the committee on which one is serving.

3. Carefully prepare for, attend at least >50% of committee meetings, and actively participate in committee meetings and assignments.

4. Make every attempt to attend ANA Annual Meetings.

5. Maintain the confidential nature of committee work and avoid acting as a spokesperson for the entire committee unless specifically authorized by the committee chair to do so.

6. Make judgments always on the basis of what is best for the ANA and for the advancement of academic neurology and neuroscience as a whole, vote according to one's individual convictions, and challenge the judgment of others when necessary; yet be willing to support the majority decision of the committee and work with fellow members in a spirit of cooperation.

7. Refrain from actions that might compromise the ANA’s reputation or standing in the neurological and neuroscience community.

8. Execute the conflict of interest policies and disclosure forms promulgated by the ANA Board of Directors.

9. Complete ANA’s Conflict of Interest Disclosure documentation annually.

My signature below certifies my understanding of and commitment to this code of conduct. I further understand that any violation of this code, as determined by the chair of the committee on which I serve and the ANA Executive Committee, may be grounds for remedial action, up to and including my removal from committee membership.

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