History Committee

The History Committee archives the history of the American Neurological Association and of neurology as a profession.  The History Committee facilitates and encourages the development of historical research and education in the history of neurology.



J.P. Mohr, MD
2016 - 2019
Columbia University                     



Shri K. Mishra, MD, MS, ABMS
2017 - 2020
Keck School of Medicine of USC


Harold Adams, MD
2016 - 2019
University of Iowa 


Christopher Goetz, MD
2016 - 2019
Rush University


Elan Louis, MD, MS
2016 - 2019
Yale School of Medicine

Henry Schutta, MD
2016 - 2019

R. Brian Sommerville, MD
2017 - 2019
Washington University in St. Louis



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