2021 Annual Meeting Call for Topics Submission Form

This form is to be completed and submitted for consideration for inclusion in the ANA2021 program on October 17-19. The deadline for submissions is Monday, November 30, 2020, at 11:59 PM EST.

If your proposal is accepted, the ANA Scientific Program Advisory Committee, Career Development Subcommittee and Interactive Lunch Workshops Subcommittee reserve the right to modify the context, speaker recommendations and/or recommend revisions. Because your suggestions may not be accepted, no speakers, chairs or moderators should be contacted. All correspondence will come directly from the ANA headquarters office.

Please note that you may submit multiple proposals. 

Submitter Information
Proposed Program
** These sessions include short presentations (not extensive reviews) aimed at updating attendees on recent developments or techniques in different aspects of neurology and translational neuroscience, engaging the audience to foster discussion. Sessions have a duration of either 75 minutes (three 20 min presentations with 15 min of discussion, or a similar distribution) or 60 minutes (three 15 min presentations with 15 min of discussion).
Proposed Chairs/Moderators
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Suggested Speakers
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I understand that all submissions are subject to review by the ANA Scientific Program Advisory Committee, Career Development Subcommittee, and the Interactive Lunch Workshop Subcommittee and proposals may be modified or rejected.